Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wow! Napkins and Placements!

I had a WOW! Happy! week last week.
My favorite sewing and fabric store, Sewn Studio, offered a class last week called, "Improv Sewing . . . 101 fast, fun and fearless projects" which included a book titled, surprisingly (!) Improv Sewing . . .  101 fast, fun and fearless projects!  The class also included all the materials and 3 hours of sewing time.  Sewn Studio taught the napkins/placemats pattern from the book and so that is what I made.

Darling linen napkins and placemats!!

The class wasn't difficult and it wasn't anything I couldn't have done at home by myself.  But I did learn something new, something I've never thought of doing before.  My top thread and my bobbin thread were different colors of thread so what is on top of the fabric is not the color on the bottom of the fabric.  Coooool!!!!!  ALSO, and this may be the best part for me, my sewing lines weren't straight.  Purposefully NOT straight!!!  WOW!!

It took me 3 hours to cut and sew four napkins and placemats.  The fabric and all the thread (I used 3 different colors) were less than $20.  I used a natural colored linen but wouldn't a black linen be fabulous too?!  I think that everyone on my Christmas list will be getting napkins and placemats this year . . . . if I can part with them!!!
Happy-ness is sewing . . . and then being able to gift my handmade-with-love (and excitement and Wow!) to friends and loved ones!!  A bonus Happy-ness!!
Give yourself the gift of Wow!  Treat yourself to an afternoon of picking fabric, threads and then sewing napkins and placemats (or even just the napkins!) and gift your home sewn happy-ness too!!  Don't forget to share your happy with me!!!

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