Monday, February 4, 2013

Oh! Hello!

Since my last post . . . .

(crummy iPhone photosssss!)

It was the first time in my entire little life that I wasn't able to go "home" for Thanksgiving.  I worked at the Bux serving coffee and making the best of the day with my co-workers.  The weather was warm and sunshiney and most of the customers seemed truly thankful.  Later in the evening, we went to my most favorite friend (EVER.) and neighbor and enjoyed a farm fresh turkey, all the fixings and enough dessert to feed a King and all of the people in his castle!!  We played Monopoly (did you know the new-fangled Monopoly uses credit cards?!) and we played Apples to Apples and we watched movies until the wee hours of the morning, when we roused ourselves out of our tryptophan slumber and walked back home under a starry sky.

Four pairs of knitted socks.

They were knitted Christmas gifts and I am quite certain I did not take photos of all of them.  After 8 socks, I was dreaming of running barefoot on a beach in very hot weather.

The Christmas Season.


My BFF and I stomped around Indianapolis on a cold day in early January.  We started very early at Waffle House, stopped at a heavenly store called Handspun and arrived at a fabulous new little quilting and fabric store called Crimson Tate where we bought some loverly fabric and met David, the best door holder in the world!!!  (I maybe . . . . maybe . . . .  went a bit goofy on the sidewalk at just the mere sight of Crimson Tate so he came out to greet us and to tell us to hurry up already! and come inside!) We also ate cupcakes at The Flying Cupcake, pizza at Bazbeaux and finished our happy-ness at a very playful toy store.
And then:
Strep throat x 4.
7 boxes of tissues.
2 bottles of Nyquil.
Prescriptions for strep-blasting medicine.
9 swim meets, all attended in various stages of recovery.
851 spam e-mails.
127 friendly e-mails.
3 novels read ("Night Circus", "Gone Girl" and "The Paris Wife") while in various stages of fever or sleep.
I have also been knitting a scarf and I did sew a table runner and napkins, which I will share very soon. . . . .

How were YOUR holidays and your New Year?  I do so hope you are staying healthy.
I write this in the midst of another snow storm and I am happy.  I am finally healthy; my home is finally healthy.  My sweet loverly dog, Keeper, has never left my side.  In one lucid moment, I woke up to find her watching me.  With clear, sweet, loving concerned eyes she was checking on her mama.  I so wish our world and the people living in our world could have the same love for others that one small dog has for me.  Life and the things that compose life would be so much simpler.  Easier.  Nicer.  More kind.  More caring.
. . . I shall share more of my knitting and my sewing and my silly thoughts with you sooner. Happy snowy winter day!!!
Happy-ness is health!

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