Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Peace

I have begun knitting again.
Without too much drama and detail, once upon a time ago, my need for knitting was voracious.  I went everywhere with my knitting.  I knit socks while waiting to check out at the grocery store.  I knit sweater sleeves while in carpool lines.  I knit while walking through my neighborhood.  I worked in a small yarn store and still shopped at many other yarn stores for yet more yarn and more projects.
And then one day, I stopped.
It was as if, upon waking up one morning, I decided I don't like knitting anymore.
My yarn store closed and with it, all other yarn stores.
But recently, the yarn spoke to me.  Gently poking me awake.  Nudging me. Reassuring me that I can be at peace with knitting.
No person is putting upon me deadlines.
No customer/yarn student/shop owner is picking out projects and yarn for me.
No one is competing with me; making me feel compelled to knit this sweater with this yarn for this person by this time.  No one is inferior or superior to my knitting.
I can knit for friends.  Or even friends of friends.  I can knit for me.  I can knit for you.
I can see a beautiful skein of sock yarn and knit . . . . well . . . . socks.  I don't have to go above and beyond and turn that beautiful skein of sock yarn into an impossible shawl.  My beautiful may be another person's NOT beautiful.
And I'm okay with that.
I am sooooooo okay with that.
I am so okay with yarn that is whispering softly to me.
I am so okay with spending a quiet afternoon knitting in the sun.  Just alone.  With my own dreams and thoughts and wants and wishes.
And so, a few weeks ago, I listened to the yarn and began knitting again. And while I am not a fast knitter and it takes me weeks and weeks to finish just one sock, I'm okay with that, too.  
But still, socks. For a friend of a friend. A mother of a toddler.  A woman, who, like me, can't quite give up her flip flops in the winter.

A perfect sock to wear all winter long with flip flops!!

 The beautiful wood double points and the messy ball of yarn simply add to the comfort.  I have found an old friend again!

Happy-ness is coming to peace with my knitting.  Yes.  A solace with yarn and double point needles and each stitch formed to make a sock.
Happy-ness in the hope that my peace will bring a frazzled mother of a toddler a few more weeks in her flip flops.

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