Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Great Basement Clean-Up

Okay.  Wow.  In showing you these next few photos, I am making myself completely vulnerable to you.  I am allowing you into an area of my life in which I can't stand.  I am overwhelmed, feel helpless, hopeless and defeated by this area.  This is a huge area of the basement which I avoid.
When we moved into this house 10 years ago, we made a "kids' side" and an "our side".  "Kids' side" is fun and has a chalkboard wall, a comfy couch, bookshelf full of books to cozy up with, a puppet stage, paints and papers, paper dolls and scissors, a cubbyhole under the stairs with a beanbag chair and several journals, flashlights and other various but much-needed "things".  The "kids' side" does NOT have a t.v., a gaming system, a telephone or anything electronic.  It is a quiet area for reading, thinking, doing, being.  It's messy at times but never out of control.
. . . . . . . Out of control is the "our side".  Before I reveal these photos, please know that I'm showing you these photos because this is my huge, overwhelming fall project.  I'm going to address every box, every stack and pile.  I'm going to wheedle through papers, make new file folders.  I'm going to purge.  I'm going to clean.  I'm going to post photos when I'm finished.  And then . . . . . I'll take a nap.
Deep breath.  And . . . . . you may look.

Ahem.  I'm really not even going to speak anymore about this.
Happy-ness is a new adventure, if that's what you want to call an overwhelming, almost hopeless, great basement clean-up project!

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  1. looks like you have a lot of great books/mags to donate to your library!!

    good luck!